48 full page designs to color, single sided pages are blank on back. You will love coloring these adorable illustrations,inspirational sayings and clever patterns. 100 pages. 8.25 X 8.25"

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The Coloring Cafe-Volume Four-Bible Blessings

Cuppa Cute-Sample Pages

A purse-sized journal with illustrations - for notes and your important thoughts. 35 favorite uplifting illustrations are scattered throughout the lined pages for a relaxing experience. 70 pages. 6 X 9"

Cuppa Calm-Front Cover

The Coloring Cafe-Cuppa Calm Coloring Journal

Volume One-More Samples!

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Volume Three-More Samples!

Volume Three-Sample Pages

Volume Three-Front Cover

The Coloring Cafe-Volume Three-Inspired Heart

The Coloring Cafe-Volume Two

The Coloring Cafe-Volume One

These Coloring Cafe coloring books are not available in stores - when you buy on Amazon and Etsy you are buying from the artist - and we really, really appreciate it!

To-Go!Sample Pages

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To-Go! Front Cover

Volume Two-Sample Pages

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Volume Two-Front Cover

Volume One-Sample Pages

Volume One-Front Cover

A wonderful variety of designs, from easy to more involved. Fun fashion pages, homey scenes and sayings. 48 illustrations, Single sided pages are blank on the back. 102 pages. 8.25 X 8.25"

Volume Four-Front Cover

To-Go!-More Samples!

Cuppa Cute-Front Cover

Cuppa Calm-More Samples!

Volume One-More Samples!

Just right for tucking into your purse or backpack. Binding is at the top, like a tablet. 36 (new!) illustrations that are perfect for coloring anywhere. 36 designs, blank on the back. 78 pages. 6 X 8"

Inspired Heart is a collection of illustrated uplifting sayings mixed in with illustrations and patterns that will leave you happy! 48 illustrations, 100 pages and designs are blank on back. 8.25 X 8.25"

Bible Blessings to Color is a coloring book designed for reflection and celebration of Faith.42 pages of delightful illustrations, meaningful saying and your favorite Scripture88pages and designs are blank on back. 8.25 X 8.25"

Cuppa Cute-Back Cover

A purse-sized journal with illustrations. 35 fun, fashion-based illustrations are scattered throughout the lined pages. Jot down your thoughts and notes while coloring the cutest designs ever.  70 pages. 6 X 9"

Cuppa Cute-More Samples!

The Coloring Cafe-Cuppa Cute Coloring Journal

The Coloring Cafe-To Go! Travel Coloring Book

Volume Four-More Samples!

Volume Four-Sample Pages

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Cuppa Calm-Back Cover

Cuppa Calm-Sample Pages