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National Adult Coloring Book Success

The adult coloring craze is alive and well on a quiet street in a Cape Coral, Florida neighborhood. That’s where you will find author and freelance illustrator Ronnie Walter hard at work putting the finishing touches on book number six in her popular coloring book series, The Coloring Café™. “Coloring has proved to be a relaxing activity, one that can be done alone or in groups,” says Ronnie. “It harkens back to a simpler time in life, gets you away from a screen for a time, and is a way to express yourself creatively. Did I mention that it’s also really fun?”

It’s no wonder that adult coloring books are topping the Amazon best seller lists, and they have garnered national media attention. People all over the world are discovering what Ronnie calls “guided creativity”. Adult coloring has its roots in the therapeutic world where it’s often used for people with PTSD, in memory care and also as a way to sooth anxiety. “I sold a couple of books that were purchased as gifts for people undergoing chemo therapy and one for someone recovering from knee surgery. I have even heard of people using coloring to help them with dieting and quitting smoking!”

Ronnie’s Coloring Café books are a mix of fun drawings, patterns and illustrated uplifting sayings. Using colored pencils, markers or light watercolors the “colorist” creates their own vision of the picture. Her fans often post their finished designs along with their Amazon book reviews or on her Coloring Café Facebook page. “I just love to see how other people interpret my drawings,” said Ronnie. “Everybody has a different approach; there is no one way to do it.”

Coloring groups are popping up in churches, libraries, even in bars and restaurants, bringing people together to chat and visit while they work on their latest masterpiece. It is also becoming a popular pastime at events such as showers and birthday parties. “Once everybody gets going the conversation flows, and everyone’s just a little more relaxed. You can almost see the stress leaving the room! It's fun, it's clean and trust me - you already know how to do it!"

Ronnie invites anyone who is interested in more information about the Coloring Café to contact her through her website at